Deadweight Strength

Why we like it

Deadweight Strength is one of the only gyms in San Diego that is dedicated exclusively to powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting, and highland games. Fully stocked with competition quality equipment and staffed by knowledgeable coaches with years of competitive experience in strength sports.

Amenities & Gear

General Strength

  • Dumbbells: Up to lbs
  • Kettlebells: Up to lbs
  • Benches: N/A
  • GHDs (Glute Ham): N/A
  • Reverse Hyper: N/A
  • Bands: N/A

Bars and Plates

  • Barbells (20kg): N/A
  • Women's Barbells (15kg): N/A
  • Trap Bars: N/A
  • Gym Chalk Provided?: N/A

Racks and Rigs

  • Squat Racks: N/A
  • Power Racks: N/A
  • Pull Up Rigs: N/A